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Certified Installers of Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pumps

Elite Pool Service Inc

  Pool Maintenance and Repair

Services  Provided

Full Weekly Service

Weekly Chemical and Equipment Checks

Full Weekly Service includes:


  • Checking and balancing chemicals
  • Brushing sides and steps
  • Skimming pool of debris
  • Emptying pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwashing filter when needed
  • Salt Cell inspection and cleaning
  • Overall inspection of equipment
  • Adjusting valves for maximum filtration
  • Lubing O-rings when needed

 Starting at $23 per week


Weekly Chemical Only Service includes:


  • Checking and balancing chemicals
  • Emptying pump and skimmer baskets
  • Backwashing pool filter when needed
  • Verification of proper equipment operation

Starting at $16.95 per week

Basic chemicals needed to sanitize and balance your pool are included with all our service plans.


These chemicals include:

  • Liquid Chlorine
  • 3" chlorine tabs
  • Muratic Acid (to lower the pH and the total Alkalinity)
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (to raise the total Alkalinity)
  • Soda Ash (to raise the pH)



Occasionally specialty chemicals are needed to maintain your pool/spa.  These chemicals are an additional charge.  We do our best to ensure the minimum usage of these chemicals.


Specialty chemicals include:

  • Shock (used to raise the residual chlorine levels high enough to kill anything in the water)
  • Stabilizer (used to proctect the chlorine levels from burning off from the sunlight)
  • Algaecide (used to combat the growth of algae blooms)
  • Phospate Remover (removes phospates from the water therefore preventing algae breakout)
  • Salt (used with chlorine generating systems)


We also offer other specialty chemicals upon request.

Other Services

  • Repairs on pumps, filters, and plumbing
  • Repairs on auto pool cleaners
  • Acid wash / Chlorine bath
  • Filter Cleaning (DE and Cartridge)
  • Sand Changes
  • Drain and Refills
  • Green Pool Cleanup

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